Care And Maintenance Of Your Vapes & Supplies

Sometimes e-cigs and vaporizers collect dirt from purses, pockets, and the daily handling methods of a user. Subsequently, they need cleaning and maintenance. For excellent care and maintenance of your vaping supplies, do well to polish them. Again, the interiors of the supplies need attention too. Importantly, one should refer to the manual of the supplies in order to apply the necessary gentleness while cleaning or maintaining them.


E-cigs comes with an enclosed battery, but sometimes there is grime that develops on the threaded portion that creates a connection with the cartridge. Lint, dust and oil remnants sometimes gather on the portion, and they hamper the fitting of the two parts. One can use a damp piece of flannel or soft cloth, toothpick or tweezers to carry out weekly cleaning of the portion. Caution ensures that the threads of the portion remain intact, and the assembling should take place after the parts get completely dry.


The cartridge holds the e-liquid, and it is sometimes refillable, reusable or disposable. Pre-filled cartridges require a clean threaded end, and a damp cotton ball is ideal for cleaning the part. For refillable ones, use of a rolled tissue or cotton swab to clean residue from the cartridge keeps it well maintained. Overfilling a cartridge makes its cleaning hard. Always gently blow the e-liquid out of the holder when overfilling occurs. Additionally, replace the cotton batting when it fails to collect more moisture.


Sometimes e-liquid collects inside the mouthpiece, and it blocks vapor from coming out when one inhales. Traces of food and drink can also find their way in the mouthpiece. One can use a dry, thinly-rolled tissue to clean a mouth piece. The dirt clings to a study tissue, and then comes out when one pulls the tissue out.


There is a need to maintain the quality of the e-juice. One should store it in a cool dry place – and of course, well out of the reach of children. Leaving the e-juice exposed to sun makes it loose its quality. A fridge stands as one of the best places to store the e-juice in order to prevent it from leaking and developing a strange taste.

Failure of the Vape to work

At times, the vape does not work as one expects. In such an instance, a user can try a few troubleshooting techniques that are basic. When the vape does not produce vapor, one should check the battery charge. If the charge is out, then plugging the vape to a power source charges the battery. In other times, the battery gets loose. Pressing the battery 5 times within two seconds takes the battery back to its working position.


Importantly, one should never use a vaporizer or an e-cig that has a cracked tank. Such a tank leaks e-juice that contains nicotine, and absorption takes place once the e-juice lands on the skin of a user. When such an occurrence happens, one should use soap and water to wash the e-juice off. Lastly, one should never use e-juice that has an off taste since it does not give a quality experience.