What Is Trending In E-Cigs Today

The history of e-cigs began in 1963 when Herbert Gilbert designed his smokeless non-tobacco cigarette, but the history of modern e-cigarettes began in the mid-2000s, when a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik introduced the first e-cig into the market.

Since then, a lot has happened in the industry to make the e-cigs more customer-friendly. Today’s e-cigs are not only of high quality but they feature state-of-the-art designs with endless vaping possibilities. The technology advancements have helped to make e-cigs socially acceptable and popular among different age groups. In fact, it is becoming increasingly likely to meet someone vaping than someone smoking the traditional cigarettes.

How vaping has changed over the last few years

Whether you are interested in electronic cigarette starter kits, vape mods, e-cig cartridges, vape juices, vaporizers or vape accessories, you should understand that the designs and quality change every few years thanks to the manufacturers’ commitment to creating products that provide the ultimate vaping experience. In fact, manufacturers are no longer aiming to create alternatives to cigarettes. Today, the goal is to provide powerful vapor kits that offer more control, more vapor and more flavors to users. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose to customize almost everything from your desired wattage level to juices for a healthier, better vaping experience.

A few years ago, e-cigs with variable voltage batteries were the hottest products on the market due to their functionality, quality, and effectiveness. Not long after, regulated mods or the advanced personal vaporizers (APVs) were introduced into the market. The APVs were the first e-cigs to possess OLED screens, internal chips, battery level indicators and ohms readers among other integrated features. The APVs are still very popular among users as manufacturers keep redesigning and updating them to meet the modern vaping needs. Today, the standard long and tube-shaped APVs have been outperformed by the sleeker square-shaped devices commonly known as the Box MODs.

In addition to the technological capabilities of the standard APVs, these nifty little MODs contain further advancements such as the temperature control systems that make them cutting-edge devices. The different Box MOD models are capable of setting and limiting the atomizer coil temperature, which allows them to provide flavor and vapor quality that has never been achieved before. These MODs are not only feature-rich (and many times very elegantly designed) but they are also highly powerful. They come with high mAh capacity batteries and are capable of handling extremely low resistances and high output wattages.

To further improve the quality of the e-cigs, different e-cig brands have begun using a new class of atomizers to allow the e-cigarettes to be temperature regulated. The NI-200 wire also called the nickel wire is rapidly gaining popularity among the leading brands for its thermal and electrical conductivities.

E-cigs that use nickel wiring are known to offer more flavorful hits, thicker vapor clouds and last longer. Another modification that is rapidly gaining popularity among the high-end products is the use of organic cotton. Other technology changes that are exciting vapers include the stainless steel coils and sub-ohm atomizers.


It is important to note that different e-cig manufacturers treat technology advancements differently. While some of the top manufacturers incorporate new advancements on their latest e-cigs, others tend to wait longer and hence, it is important to compare features included in different e-cig products.