How the Vaping Industry has Changed

If you are new to vaping, then there are several things you should know about this industry. It has undergone several changes over the last few years. Here are some of the basics you should know about these changes.

Many Places Now Ban Vaping

A few years ago, places that banned cigarettes were fine with people vaping in their establishments. Today, many companies are now including vaping as a part of their no smoking policy on the premises. While this is not all companies, it is something you should be aware of when you are out and want to vape.

New Studies Have Been Conducted

There are several studies that have been done around the world about vaping and the effect it has on the body. The most notable of these is a physician based study from the UK, published in April 2016. The main points of the publication were that vaping may cause harm, but only up to 5% of the harm to the body that smoking cigarettes can. Therefore it can prevent most of the harm from smoking. Additionally, it has also been shown to be a safer alternative and a great tool to help people who want to quit smoking cigarettes.

Legislation Changes Around the World

The vaping industry is making headlines around the world. The Philippines is pushing for regulation of vaping to allow it into the country. Australia is fighting their current legislation to allow nicotine into vaping products. The European Court of Justice is even allowing the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) to regulate vaping, which is favorable for the industry.

In the United States, vaping regulations have been a mixed bag. California and Hawaii raised the legal smoking age to 21 which impacts sales. Pennsylvania put a huge tax on vaping stores which caused many businesses to close their doors. It is also important to note that Ohio, Kansas, and New York have similar taxes on vaping which drive the price up.

One piece of legislation that is in favor of vaping is the HUD legislation that it bans smoking in government subsidized housing because it exempts e-cigarette products from the smoking ban. Along with this, the FDA is currently working on their deeming policies under the tobacco regulation laws it has in place. This will help establish a way to legitimizing and regulating the vaping industry. While this may mean more in taxes, it can help to protect stores that sell vaping products as well as the consumers who buy these products.

These are just a few of the changes that have come to the vaping world in the last couple years.This is an interesting time politically and while many can get lost in some of the bigger issues, there are also many fascinating developments in the vaping industry as well. While these regulations that are taking place may seem to hinder people in the vaping world, the truth is that it can be a step forward in not only protecting their rights but also informing customers.